Start a BusinessThere are several potential areas that may become your "Sweet Spot".  It helps if you have had experience and connection in the business world already.  It is best to first focus on areas that you feel are familiar to you.  The drive to succeed is very important, but the guidance your receive can make the path a lot smoother.

  • Real Estate people
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Mold and Home Inspectors
  • Cleaning services
  • Used Car Business

Regardless of your background, consider these areas that we have found responsive with other ozone businesses.

  1. Real Estate companies, Property Management, and Real Estate Investors
  2. Restaurants, nightclubs, and bars
  3. Warehouses and Factories
  4. Set up a smoke removal service for areas services to use
  5. Gyms, Workout centers, Karate, Yoga facilities
  6. Used car dealers, car rental services, companies with fleets
  7. Turn-over service needed by apartment and condo managers
  8. Farm and cattle needing solutions
  9. Mold remediation, duct cleaning
  10. Allergy Abatement, Pet Odors and Allergies
  11. Resolve cooking and food processing smells
  12. Residential and commercial odor removal
  13. Vacation homes, seasonal rentals that need freshening
  14. Yes, even grow houses with problem odors in the exhaust
  15. Post flood and post-fire services
  16. Hoarder homes, Bio-cleanup services

What we know is that there are dozens of applications that represent whole markets.  Rather than looking for work behind every bush, we know where the most responsive markets are.  The critical issue is getting our people targeted onto the best markets for their talents.